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Autism and/or Learning Disability information for patients and health care staff

These resources are to help ensure people with autism and/or a learning disability can access their COVID-19 vaccination appointments easily and safely.

BAME communities: vaccine information written in community languages

These are produced by and can be found at GOV.UK: Covid-19 vaccine information in your language.  


BAME communities: information videos in community languages

NHS doctors, nurses and other frontline staff have come forward to help reassure communities that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and have been independently tested to the highest standards, and to address misinformation on subjects including fertility.

NHS England has produced short videos in community languages including:

More videos in additional languages are available via NHS England. Other language videos are in development.


BBC Asian Network has produced information on COVID scams in five community languages:

  • Gujarati with Kamlesh Purohit from BBC Radio Leicester 

  • Punjabi with Raj Kaur Bilkhu from BBC Asian Network

  • Sylheti with Poppy Begum from BBC Asian Network

  • Tamil with Jeyapragash Nallusamy from BBC World Service

  • Urdu with Haroon Rashid from BBC Asian Network


British Sign Language resources

Public Health England has produced these videos in BSL:

Leaflets on which these videos are based on are also available to download and paper copies are also available to order.


Covid and pregnancy: Advice in five South Asian languages

The BBC Asian Network is helping the South Asian community to understand what the science says in five languages: Gujarati, Punjabi, Sylheti, Tamil and Urdu. 
View on the BBC website.


Easy Read information


Government Guidance



Around one in 10 people with COVID-19 continue to have symptoms and impaired quality of life 12 weeks after they have had the virus. Common symptoms of Long COVID include breathlessness, headaches, cough, fatigue, and cognitive impairment or ‘brain fog’. 

Online Long COVID support is available from Headway, Surrey, for COVID 19 survivors and families. These are one-hour sessions, via Zoom, run by a member of the Cognitive Rehabilitation team. Sessions will be ongoing, offer peer support, and will be free of charge. Sessions will share ideas for strategies and skills on how to manage fatigue, memory issues, information processing and other executive skills. Peer support and discussions can help survivors feel less alone and help recovery. Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01483 454433.


Mental Health Information


Recovering from COVID


Research into Long COVID

The NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) and UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) are spending £18.5 million funding four research studies to better understand and address the longer term effects of COVID-19 on physical and mental health.


Vaccines approved for use in the UK

COVID-19 vaccinations for migrants

COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting


Healthcare and community settings posters

COVID-19 vaccine animations launched to help tackle disinformation

NHS England and NHS Improvement has launched a series of animations aimed at tackling disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. Aimed specifically at encouraging uptake in ethnic minority groups, the animations are available in 17 different languages and are suitable for use on a wide range of social media platforms. They cover key topics including vaccine safety, how it was tested, how it was developed so quickly, what is in it, and what the side effects are. Original files can be downloaded from the campaign resource centre in the form of short clips and also a longer video, and the English versions are also available on YouTube.


Vaccinating children and young people, FAQs for healthcare professionals

NHS England and NHS Improvement has published FAQs for healthcare professionals on vaccinations for children and young people (13/08/2021)


Needle phobia


Short films to encourage uptake amongst Eastern European community 

Working in partnership with Surrey County Council, Surrey Heartlands CCG have produced the following short films, aimed at reaching people and groups from Eastern European Communities to encourage Covid-19 vaccine uptake. The three people featured explain why they have had their Covid-19 vaccine.

Please help us to share these short films with your relevant contacts, channels and groups.

Everything COVID (resource for 12 to 17 year-olds)


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