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Listening to learn – improving care across Surrey

We all want to manage our health better and get good quality care when we need it. And it should be easy to talk to our health professionals – Doctors, nurses, physios and others - about our care needs.

But it can be hard to keep track of appointments and frustrating having to re-tell your condition to each new healthcare professional we meet. No one wants to wait for their test results, travel across town for an appointment, or have a long wait just to make or change an appointment. 

We’ve been talking to people across Surrey, especially to people whose voices are seldom heard such as people with learning disabilities, hearing or sight loss or autism, as well as people living with long term conditions such as blood pressure, COPD or diabetes. We want to truly understand how digital technologies might support their health needs. We particularly want to hear from people from the approximate 10% of Surrey residents who do not have full access to digital technologies

We’ve held one to one as well as group sessions and will soon be launching an online Surrey wide survey.

We’ve learnt much already; that digital technologies can make life easier by helping people better manage their own health, for example by making or changing an appointment online, checking test results or ordering repeat prescriptions. People have also told us that they want to be reassured that their health records are held safely, that they may need help to understand what their health records mean, and that face to face consultations should still be available to them.

You can see what people are saying in our interim report below.


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