COVID-19 booster jabs booked or delivered at nine in ten care homes in England

COVID-19 booster jabs booked or delivered at nine in ten care homes in England

COVID booster jabs have been delivered or booked in at almost nine in 10 care homes as the NHS vaccination programme accelerates ahead of winter.

Around 6,000 care homes have already been visited while a further 3,700 homes have visits scheduled within the coming days and weeks, as part of the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The new figures also show that residents in over half of care homes have received a booster jab.

With almost 90% of homes either visited or with visits booked, local GP teams are working to make sure that the remaining care homes can book their vaccine clinic as soon as possible, as the NHS rollout intensifies ahead of winter.

Some homes can’t be visited at this time due to norovirus or COVID outbreaks but dates are being agreed for visits at a safe time for residents.

More than four million eligible people have had their top up vaccine since the campaign began just over four weeks ago.

Every care home is expected to have offered a COID-19 booster to all eligible residents by the beginning of November.

The NHS is vaccinating in line with guidance set by the JCVI which says that eligible groups can have a booster shot, a minimum of six months on from their second jab for maximum protection.

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