Covid-19 Public Inquiry information

An independent Public Inquiry into the UK Covid-19 pandemic response has been announced by the Prime Minister. This Public Inquiry will consider the wider government response to the pandemic, including that of the NHS.

Draft terms of reference were published on 11 March 2022 and set out the aims of the public inquiry into the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A final version of the terms of reference will be published following consultation with the public, including with bereaved families and other affected groups.

The statutory public inquiry will play a key role in examining the UK’s pandemic response and ensuring that we learn lessons for the future.

As part of the Inquiry, Surrey Heartlands CCG and its partner representatives may be called on to submit evidence or provide testimony in relation to decisions and actions taken in response to the pandemic.

All our staff have been made aware that all documents, correspondence, notes, emails which contain or may contain content relating to the Covid-19 response need to be retained. We have a project team dedicated to the Public Inquiry who can support and advise during the process.


The Covid-19 Public Inquiry Terms of Reference

An Inquiry needs to be clear about what it will review and what it should do. For the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, the Government has set out draft Terms of Reference which outline its intentions.

The draft terms of reference intend to cover:

  • preparedness
  • the public health response
  • the response in the health and care sector
  • our economic response

The inquiry will play a key role in learning the lessons from the pandemic and informing actions and planning for the future.



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