Record 1.6 million people get lifesaving boosters over last seven days


Another record week for Covid-19 booster jabs in the NHS

Nearly 1.6 million booster jabs have been delivered over the past seven days, the NHS said today as the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme continues to protect the nation against the virus.

It comes alongside over half a million texts (532,000) going out today (Wednesday) and 322,000 letters landing on doorsteps from tomorrow.

The milestone follows another record week for booster jabs with nearly 1.5 million top-up jabs taking place last week (Monday to Sunday) – with more than 710,000 boosters reported on Friday and over the weekend alone.

Last week also saw record bookings for boosters using the National Booking Service with nearly 900,000 people booking in their booster jab – a 42% increase on the previous week.

A total of two million invites are being sent out by the NHS this week as more people become eligible as they reach the six-month mark.

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