Rest home staff go all out to reduce risks to residents

Nadine Schneider, manager at Pinehurst Rest Home located in Boxhill in Surrey, is feeling blessed. During the past 11 weeks of lockdown, her caring staff have stopped at nothing to minimise the risk of infection of COVID-19 and keep their rest home residents safe and well. A mix of Nadine’s positive attitude, innovative ideas and unfailing energy together with a strong bond between staff, residents and relatives, has made lockdown bearable for even the most vulnerable in our community.

Pinehurst’s nine staff and 15 residents are one big happy family, and extremely fond of one another. The staff can rely on Nadine to transport them to and from work so they don’t have to rely on public transport. Since the start of lockdown, those whose households pose a greater risk to infection, have offered to stay over at the rest home for however long it takes. There is no need for anyone to bring food to the rest home or increase their risk to exposure by making trips to the shops as Nadine is catering for everyone. She is also on a mission to make sure that everyone’s emotional and mental wellbeing isn’t being overlooked and they are getting enough sleep.

Relatives of the residents, have been more than generous in their offers of help. Nadine considers herself very lucky as one relative who works in product design in Manchester arranged a delivery of visors. Like so many, relatives have found it difficult having to stay away from the rest home and it is especially tough for the residents. To help make things easier, staff have facilitated Skype video calls as well as telephone calls for those who prefer to stick to more familiar ways of keeping in touch.

Never missing an opportunity to bring cheer and happiness into the home, the staff took advantage of their fabulous surroundings and threw a garden party to celebrate VE day. For those who wanted, a drop or two of bubbly was on offer, a fitting accompaniment to the mouth-watering cakes created by their talented resident chef.

Nadine said: “I got some really lovely photos through from family of residents during this period so we looked at old photos of loved ones together.

“We’re Skyping every day, always in touch with relatives. Some residents prefer an old fashioned phone call but some really do enjoy a Skype of FaceTime call.

“My staff and I are all open with each other and they are in good spirits, we’ve got a really lovely team and they would always tell me if they were struggling.”

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Jack Wagstaff, North West Surrey ICP Director, appeared on BBC Radio Surrey’s breakfast show on Wednesday 17 June and was interviewed by Adrian Harms. He talked about the dedication and creativity of staff in care homes in Surrey Heartlands, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, how they are embracing new technology and other innovative approaches to support those in their care and what we're doing to support them. Listen to the interview by clicking here (interview at 3:16:00) please note this is an external website.